Splinters will be flying on 42" screen

because Bigger is Better.


Magic Play Sp. z o.o has been present on Polish and international market of amusement machines for years. Being a manufacturer and distributor of coin-op machines for the world's biggest brands such as SEGA, NAMCO BANDAI and BAY TEK GAMES. Machines with Magic Play logo can be found in every corner of the world. The offer includes all types of machines, from kiddie ride, stength testing machines, prize merchandizers, to video games and a ticket redemption. In order to keep up with current trends, the company has been expanding its offer with more and more new products. This year, a new player will joint he Magic Play team. He’ll do it with a loud roar "TIIIMBEEEER!"

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Digital Melody Games was held in 2013 as an advertising agency and consists of three partners: ​Paweł Jędrysiak (CEO/ Account Manager), Paweł Kitajewski (Creative Director), Radosław Czekaj (Business Manager), Piotr Stalewski (Programmer) and Michał Stalewski (Programmer/Music Composer). ​What connects them apart from longterm acquaintance and experience in advertising area is liking for games. They do remember exactly 90’s climate and are heavy users of every technological & gaming novelties. Digital Melody Games provides thorough advertising services from visual identity through complex ATL, BTL and online campaigns, creates marketing strategies, produces games, animations.

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Meet the lumberjack in the brand new dimension

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Put on your checkered shirt, pull up your sleeves, pick up the sharpened ax and ... grow a beard. In a moment there will be splinters flying and knocks off ax will bear echoed through the forest. Show how quick and how efficiently You can cut down a hundred-meter tall pine tree. But be careful, work of a lumberjack is tough and it's not hard for the accident at work. In addition, time is chasing you in every step not giving even a moment to rest. Show that you are not afraid of such problems and that you are the best lumberjack in the area.

More than 30 000 000 players worldwide cannot be wrong. Timberman is an addictive, captivating and mesmerizing game that takes you to a completely new beard-o-checkered dimension of fun. Fantastic graphics displayed on a 42 "Full HD screen fitted into a stunning, flashy cabinet.

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First Timberman video is now live!

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